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Welcome to LumiViz Geosciences

LumiViz Geosciences specializes in providing affordable technical and application support services to clients with Data Visualization and Geoscientific Mapping requirements.

We work to understand, access and transform a client's project data into 2- and 3-dimensional computer models and enhanced visualizations that illustrate and support the client's project goals.



LumiViz is a sole proprietorship subcontractor. With nearly 18 years of applied experience, LumiViz has produced over 400 2- and 3-dimensional numerical modeling and data visualization projects using top tier, industry standard computerized tools. In addition to the advanced computerized expertise, LumiViz Geosciences boasts a robust core of geologic and hydrogeologic scientific problem solving skills.

Industries & Sectors

Contract services are typically utilized by professional firms and government agencies in a wide variety of industry applications, such as:

  • Environmental Remediation
  • Mining & Water Resources
  • Manufactured Gas Plant Site Characterization
  • Brownfields & Urban Re-Development
  • Engineering & Construction Rendering
Utilizing our technical expertise and software suite, including our high-end computer hardware, LumiViz delivers technical results that complement and enhance a client's existing technological capability. LumiViz deliverables are commonly integrated with presentations to provide executives, lay-people, and regulatory bodies a clear understanding of technical, financial, and scientific aspects of their projects.

LumiViz Geosciences is a true "force multiplier" for clients seeking unique solutions by providing a broader spectrum of tools. Our clients benefit by avoiding unnecessary long-term financial commitments in capital expenditures, personnel, and training.

Our Mission

LumiViz Geosciences is committed to providing clients with advanced and comprehensive computerized analyses and visual solutions which assist decision-making and enhance our clients' technical and business competitiveness.

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